Helping you to achieve permanent change.

The Food Psychology Clinic can help you to manage food aversions through helping you to change your mindset around food

Food Aversions

The Food Psychology Clinic uses a range of techniques to help you to feel comfortable around food again

Food Psychology Clinic uses a range of techniques to help you to overcome your sugar addiction.

 Do you feel extremely anxious when it comes to eating certain foods?

Have you noticed that just the thought of certain foods makes you feel uneasy or unwell?

Have you tried to add these foods into your diet but struggled to enjoy them or eat them regularly?

Are you fed up of people telling you that it is easy to just start eating the foods you are anxious about?

Food aversions often develop early on in life and can cause an individual to feel extremely uncomfortable around certain foods. Typically even just thinking about these foods can make an individual feel unwell or anxious.  However using a combination of techniques from NLP, hypnotherapy, CBT, other forms of psychotherapy, nutrition and food psychology, it is possible to help an individual to start finding pleasure in the foods that they had once avoided. 


Combining a range of techniques to optimise mental and physical health.

At The Food Psychology Clinic we know that food aversions can make an individual’s life very difficult.  It can be extremely overwhelming to feel the need to avoid certain foods all of the time.  We also know however that once we get to the origin of the aversion - that we can build new habits and a new mindset around these foods.  Using a range of techniques we can help an individual to become more curious about the foods that they have been avoiding and even enable them to start deriving pleasure from these foods. 

An interdisciplinary approach

Resolving the root cause 

Providing a long-term solution


We find the root cause of your fear of certain foods and help you to see these foods differently

Food aversions can have a significant impact on someone’s quality of life - and others often don’t understand just now much it can affect someone negatively.  Our unique food aversion treatment can shift your mindset so that you see the foods you had feared, completely differently. 


For each individual there will be unique physical drivers and psychological patterns that cause them to suffer with food aversions.  Once we have identified these patterns and drivers, we can help you to make lasting changes - leaving you free to enjoy your life and food!

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