Confidence Building Programme

Build your confidence - enjoy your life

DAY 7 - Take the following steps to begin boosting your confidence:

1. Watch the Video Below 

2. Read the post on Happiness

3. Complete the Exercises


Think through WHY your are not feeling confident - in what aspect of your life are you feeling insecure e.g. is it when it comes to your appearance or your professional life etc?


Think about someone that you know or perhaps a celebrity that you perceive as being really confident.  Write down what they do that makes them come across as confident.  Try modelling their behaviours so that you adopt those behaviours that make them come across as confident. 

If you would like to significantly boost your confidence over the coming 10 days, I would recommend listening to a confidence-boosting hypnotherapy.  You can buy some confidence boosting hypnotherapy recordings below: 

Boost your self-esteem and confidence

A recording to help you to boost your confidence so that you can feel great and make lasting changes to your lifestyle


Body Positivity and Self-Love

A recording to help you to feel better in your skin and body and embrace who you are completely


Available Now: Online Course

Bringing about lasting change to your relationship with food

This 12 week online course will completely transform your relationship with food and your body.  This is a course for anyone struggling with their weight, anyone that eats to cope with their emotions, individuals suffering with bulimia or binge eating disorder and anyone else that would just like to build a new relationship with food.   


This online programme equips you with the tools, materials, online resources and skills that will enable you to transform your relationship with food and your body. The course will allow you to optimise your mental and physical health but you will also improve the quality of your sleep, boost your self-esteem and confidence, improve your personal & professional life and feel much happier day-to-day.

Sound nutrition advice

Psychotherapy and hypnotherapy

Mindfulness techniques

The 12 week online course includes 12 online training videos, weekly exercises for you to implement, 10 hypnotherapy sessions, daily material to read and regular inspiration.  The total cost for such a programme in the clinic would usually be over £4000.  For the next 15 days only, the online course will be available for just £450 (after which the price will go up significantly).  The online course helps individuals to rebuild their relationship with food, sleep better, feel more confident, have the motivation to exercise more, enhance their professional and personal life, as well to stop over-eating/binge-eating/comfort-eating.

The course contains the following modules:


WEEK 1: Introduction and Checking in with Yourself 

WEEK 2: Why Diets Don’t Work and What You Can Do Instead

WEEK 3: Mindfulness and CBT for Managing Stress

WEEK 4: Managing Emotional and Comfort Eating 

WEEK 5: How To Optimise Your Sleep 

WEEK6: Boosting your Confidence and Self-Esteem

WEEK 7: Building New Habits for Lasting Behaviour Change

WEEK 8: Choosing a New Coping Mechanism 

WEEK 9: Building A New Relationship With Alcohol 

WEEK 10: Perfectionism and Procrastination 

WEEK 11: How Your Food Choices Affect Your Mental Health 

WEEK 12: Exercise and Having No Time

Online course 

A 12 week online course in food psychology which will enable you to completely transform your relationship with food over 12 weeks.  This comes with: 12 videos on topics such as binge eating, self-esteem, why diets don’t work and comfort eating; 10 hypnotherapy recordings; weekly exercises; daily reading and inspiration and a book which explains exactly what you can do to achieve the healthy lifestyle you have always wanted without feeling deprived or miserable. This is the equivalent of having 24 weeks of one-on-one therapy and this programme would cost over £4000 in the clinic.

12 week online course - £450

pay in 3 monthly instalments - £175 per month


"I have now lost two stone and feel so much better for it. I really think that it’s going to continue and stay off...My team at work can’t believe how much I have changed! I now have a desk full of fruit and nuts and no biscuits and chocolate in sight."

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